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Zacky Vengeance

A7X Guitarist

Zacky Vengeance Fans
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Welcome to the Zacky Vengeance Fans Community

The Very First Livejournal Community Dedicated to Zacky

Here are a few rules to keep the community in order-

1)You have to be a fan of A7X to join.

2)Treat the other members with respect.

3)Don't type like an illiterate groupie. If you do, I won't think twice about deleting you.

4)Don't tell us how great looking Zacky is. You should be a fan of his guitar skills, not his pretty face.

5)When posting pictures, use an LJ cut. If you don't know how you may ask the mod or a community member.

6)Promote the community in your journal or community whenever possible. The banners are up for a reason.

7)You may only promote your community here if it is A7X related. Special permission to promote another band's community may be obtained from the mod through a comment in her LJ, an e-mail, or an IM. If any degrading rating communities are advertised I will delete the post, and I may even ban the user from the community.

8)Remember to respect the mod. Don't fight with her about rules. Keep in mind, she has the power to ban you if this rule and all others are not followed.

Promotional Banners:
Zacky Vengeance Fan

Zacky Vengeance Fan

Zacky Vengeance Fan

Zacky Vengeance Fan

More banners coming soon. Feel free to make banners to promote the community.

This community is created and moderated by Infoxlittlepadawan Any problems, questions, suggestions, praises, comments, requests, etc. should be directed towards me by IMing me, e-mailing me, or commenting in my LJ.

This Is Your Mod:

Send an e-mail
Comment in my journal
IM me: Jess Vengeance

Affiliated Community:
Check out A7X Media. A great place for any A7X fan. If you're in need of icons, pictures, Friends Only banners, etc. this is the perfect place for you.


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